A middle-aged man in Beijing under the flu

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Daughter: “grandpa not obedient, bare arm, cold!”
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Wednesday, December 27
Afternoon, the sun is bright, mother-in-law opens advocate lie window ventilated. Father-in-law came suddenly an idea, must open kitchen window at the same time north and south convection is ventilated, and insist to do not wear jacket, blew half hour. During his mother-in-law twice asked him to wear clothes, a let him close the window, were rejected.
I was also at home at that time, in order to avoid contradictions, I did not go straight to close the window, deliberately and mother-in-law made a hello: “mom, I shut the window ha!”
Before his mother-in-law could speak, his father-in-law said, “no (dei, three times)!”
His father-in-law’s habit of opening Windows and not wearing clothes had something to do with him. We southerners wear down jackets at home in winter. My jaw dropped when I went to heilongjiang for the first time before my wedding. Every house has Windows and every man a waistcoat.
But Beijing is not heilongjiang, the room is only 21 degrees. It hasn’t snowed this year, and the flu is raging. After the father-in-law took the position, I kept silent habitually. After checking that the three-year-old had put on his down jacket, I wrapped up my clothes and went back to the house.
As a southern son-in-law who could wait on his wife to wear socks, and a northeast father-in-law who often cursed his mother-in-law for salty dishes on the dinner table, we could only get along on the surface. Both sides suffer for the sake of the children.
Once in a while, I made fun of my friends all over the world. An American friend made up his mind: “I would rather be poor for three years than let an old man take care of my children. My heart has sympathies how, but the madam is adamantly opposed: “where do you go to look for the person that is so at ease to take a child?”
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Thursday, December 28
My father-in-law began to run down with a cold.
He was too lazy to go to the bathroom again and again. He took the baby’s diaper and put it beside the bed. I began to isolate my father-in-law from the children as much as possible. But the father-in-law is the daughter’s “best friend” + the only chocolate provider, in the words of northeast called the father-in-law is the daughter’s “honor”. As soon as the child finds out that we are going to “talk” with her and shouts “grandpa,” two tears will flow out of his eyes, and he will quickly turn defeat into victory and break into a smile of victory.
Father-in-law northeast man type sneeze, waterfall type runny nose are the new method that amuses a child, cannot stop them completely intimate.
Mother-in-law: “take some cold medicine”.
Father-in-law: “I this body plank, have no matter”.
Mother-in-law: “stand between you and the sneezing child.”
Father-in-law bate: “this again have no what virus”.
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Friday, December 29
My father-in-law began to have a fever and was willing to take cold medicine.
The child continued to stick to his grandfather. I feel wrong, and my wife to discuss taking the children out to stay in the hotel. Madam did not agree, because the child has been sick since kindergarten, go out for fear of germs.
And he asked if his father and his mother in law might go out to live. His wife still disagreed, saying that his father had a fever and needed to be taken care of at home.
I asked, “is it contagious?
The wife replied, “so am I.”
The term “contagion” needs to be defined. Some, like me, think close to 100 percent will happen. Others, like my wife, think there’s only a 20 percent chance, and their own children are definitely not in that 20 percent.
As I always think of germinated garlic as poisonous, every time I throw this kind of garlic, it will cause conflicts. My wife often laughs at me: “your family has been eating germinated garlic dishes for a long time.
I am furious.
Then I washed and went to bed.
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30 December 2006 (Saturday)
Father-in-law stood not to live, went to tongzhou civilian battalion hospital a.
Why can arrive this hospital, because the child enters before nursery school to this small hospital had been checked – up. The elderly feel that the location is close, do not queue, in any case, the long-distance medical insurance also reported how much. In the old state-owned enterprises in northeast China, the current medical insurance will only be settled in 2014. Even the approved reimbursement will have to wait a few years for cash.
The hospital opened 3 days after blood test infusion, anti-inflammatory drugs with cephalosporin. After the infusion, the father-in-law improved.
I was joking with a friend: “the United States cold, see a doctor 150 dollars, see you go back to drink water. China catches a cold, see a doctor 5 yuan, infusion 1000 yuan. After housing prices, health care prices are catching up with the United States.
It turned out to be a mere fraction.
That night, the mother-in-law and the child were taken.
The child developed a fever in the afternoon and howled all night. Grandma did not sleep well with her baby at night and had a fever the next day.
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31 December 2009 (Sunday)
I finally overcome the cowardice that does not want to cause contradiction psychology, early ask a child: “take you to zoo good?” Prepare to separate the child from his father-in-law, and at the same time the mother-in-law can have a good rest.
The mother-in-law was loath to part with her child. It’s cold outside and there are many sources of infection.
My father-in-law felt good at that time. He said to his mother-in-law, “I will drive you to tianjin after I have injected liquid. We will arrive in 2 hours. She refused, but agreed to stay at a nearby hotel. The old man likes swimming and we have given him a hotel with a swimming pool.
When taking his father-in-law to an infusion, the doctor emphasized that patients and their families should wear masks to avoid cross-infection. This time the father-in-law finally listened.
This is very important!!
Don’t underestimate a few cents a medical mask, the whole family wear good cover nose and mouth, insist on wearing, for blocking flu is very effective. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be able to write this article. Madam taobao bought 300, joking that it can be used for a lifetime, the results we use, relatives use, day, night, with the house, with the outside, 20 days out.
That night the baby’s fever was under control, but grandma went on with her fever. Hotel pools and other facilities are useless, is to sleep.
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Monday, January 1
Grandma decided to go to a hospital infusion in the morning, I rushed to the hospital to pay. The old man had to stay at a chain hotel near his home. I don’t think the hotel is good, but the old people think it’s close to home. The room was on the first floor of the hotel. The old man felt the temperature was not enough and turned on the air conditioner for heating. That night, my father-in-law didn’t sleep well and didn’t fall asleep until early morning.
The child no longer has a fever.
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Tuesday, January 2
The father-in-law’s three days of infusions had ended, but his mental state was clearly not as good as on December 31.
The child is also in a strange state, sleeping from 9am to 1.30pm. This has never happened before.
My mother-in-law improved after the infusion.
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Wednesday, January 3
My father-in-law admitted that his condition had deteriorated and he was no longer stiff, so he decided to go to a hospital for X-ray. This hospital did not look good last time, why go again? Because father-in-law is afraid to go into town a traffic jam, go taking a film first look, serious go to big hospital again.
This is wrong!! Big hospitals are not only equipped with advanced equipment, but also have experienced doctors.
(although in the case of the father-in-law, going to a big hospital didn’t help then.)
X-ray showed a small number of lung infection, low blood count, ecg is basically normal. The hospital switched to azithromycin.
At night, the father-in-law’s spirit improved slightly, but he continued to have a fever. Unwilling to cover the quilt, wrapped in a coat lying in bed to sleep.
The child that day do not know how to make, must dozen grandpa again knead, was said well by me. Watching crying children, worried grandmothers and overfed grandfathers, I felt helpless.
People to middle age, has no dream, just look forward to a simple day.
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Thursday, January 4
The father-in-law drove to the hospital by himself in the morning to get an infusion.
In the evening, when I saw my client back, my mother-in-law said to me: “you take him to the hospital for a CT scan. I don’t trust him all the time, and I’m afraid he might give it to the baby.
We dressed hurriedly and went downstairs.
My daughter is still yelling, “grandpa, don’t forget to buy me corn candy when you come back!”
The way home was short and long.
Second, the emergency
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January 4th (Thursday) at 19:00, b hospital
Rushed to the nearest hospital b from home to do CT. The hospital doctor felt the situation was serious after the auscultation, and the test results made her even more upset:
1) CT: massive lung infection. Compared to the x-rays taken 36 hours ago, the virus is spreading rapidly.
2) throat swab: both a and b are negative. It shows no infection with either a or b.
No positive, not necessarily a good thing, the patient may be infected with unknown strong virus.
Medical students knew at a glance what this meant, and it was not until half a month later that I learned of the cruelty of the unknown virus.
Immediately asked to be hospitalized, the doctor said there was no bed, and the condition is serious, it is recommended to go to a big hospital treatment. There were still some complaints about the second hospital, but now that I think about it, it is right to identify the serious situation without delay.
(after the fact, when we looked at the medical records, we found that the b hospital had written: “the patient asked to be transferred voluntarily.” This doesn’t square with the facts.
So I frantically called around and asked anyone who might be related to the hospital. A telephone dozen come, just detection hospital isn’t a restaurant, pay also have no bed. Under the attack of the flu, Beijing respiratory department beds are extremely tight, a few days to be even good. A friend suggested to respiratory department strength is very strong chaoyang hospital to see emergency, the first stable condition.
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January 4th (Thursday) at 21 o ‘clock, chaoyang hospital
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In the early morning of January 5th (Friday), chaoyang hospital
At 0, my father-in-law and I returned to chaoyang hospital. A test result was taken in the ICU. When I saw the ICU for the first time and saw the family members with dim eyes at the door, I did not expect that I would become one of them every two days.
Teng doctor saw the test results using moxifloxacin, doxofylline, methylprednisolone, acyclovir and other drugs infusion, and with oxygen.
I am very incomprehension to absorb oxygen at that time: “cold why want to absorb oxygen?”
I understand later:
1) a cold is just a picklock that opens the door to the body’s immune system.
The robber rushed in after him, tearing his lungs beyond recognition.
3) impaired lung function. Breathing normal air can no longer provide enough oxygen.
4) inhaling pure oxygen, the impaired lung can provide the human body with minimal oxygen.
I had expected to lose the game in 3 hours. I also told my father-in-law not to worry, but he was very tired and went back to the hotel to rest. He adjusted himself and lost in an hour. There are many old people and children in the infusion area in the early morning, as if the devil is wandering here, the spirit of the people were sucked dry.
As she prepared to return to the hotel, the nurse said she needed the doctor’s permission to leave the hospital.
The night shift doctor listened to the appeal, looked at the medical records, and then looked at me.
I looked at the doctor again, and the doctor looked at me again, and said nothing.
I said thank you and went back to tell the nurse that the doctor had agreed.
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January 5th (Friday) morning, chaoyang hospital
I slept in the hotel for 5 hours, got up at 7:30 am and rushed to the hospital, waiting for the doctor’s round at 8 o ‘clock and possibly arranged hospitalization. At this time made a mistake, the father-in-law insisted on going over, we also according to inertia obedience. But the person that wants to take oxygen, lung may not be able to provide enough oxygen at any time, it is very dangerous to walk. Patients should not think nothing of it, nor should relatives take it lightly. When in doubt, the more conservative the better.
My father-in-law went to the infusion area and began to take oxygen. Anxious to wait until 9 o ‘clock, the doctor began to patrol the ward. We asked if it was possible to arrange hospitalization, and the doctor said he wouldn’t know if there was a bed until about 10:30.
The father-in-law had a hard time holding on to his chair. At this time, our friend helped us contact a bed in ding hospital (chaoyang hospital is the third hospital in this paper), and it is expected that there will be a patient discharged at 1 PM. We decided to transfer to ding hospital for the following reasons:
1) ding hospital has friends, some small things are easy to coordinate.
2) the beds in chaoyang hospital are very tight. There are a few white-haired elderly people lying in mobile beds and waiting beds outside the infusion area. It is estimated that they cannot be discharged on that day.
At that time, a very important problem was not considered: although the fourth hospital was also a class a, the respiratory department was not outstanding.
We estimate to father-in-law’s disease or too optimistic: Beijing’s third class a hospital, still can’t cure a cold?
Tell the doctor of chaoyang hospital spoke to want to transfer to ding hospital, the doctor is very conscientious ask why, want us to decide good bed, suggest we use ambulance. We still didn’t realize the seriousness. Instead of using the ambulance, my father-in-law and I walked another 500 meters and returned to the hotel at 10 o ‘clock.
In the hotel lie in bed rest, originally rest until 12 o ‘clock to go to ding hospital. But my father-in-law groaned at 11 o ‘clock. I asked him how he felt. An old man saying “it’s all right” is not good news, just like a woman saying “it’s up to you”.
Three, be in hospital
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Noon on Friday, January 5th & NBSP;
Pure electric car has almost run out of electricity, called the first car about car to ding hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the previous patient had finished the discharge formalities, but had no intention of leaving, and was still chatting with the patient. Can’t help it. Keep waiting. My father-in-law rested at his friend’s office and forced himself to eat some porridge.
1 p.m., with the help of friends as scheduled in the bed, feel at ease. The cardiogram monitor in respiratory medicine department was full. My friend borrowed one for monitoring my father-in-law from other departments. My in the mind still think: “have a problem to shout 1 nurse not line?”
Procedures finished, the nurse began to take blood, just ready to take the artery, father-in-law excited: “in the morning just take, test results you have, how to take arterial blood? Scared to death, the little nurse apologized and said, “I’ll ask the doctor if I can take some arterial blood.”
It ‘seems that arterial blood drawing should be extremely painful.
Now that I’m in a tier 3 hospital, I feel secure enough to continue planning for the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in four days.
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Friday, January 5 at 14:30 p.m
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Friday, January 5 at 17 p.m
The doctor gave me a prescription for tamiflu at another hospital.
I am strange: “does 3 armour hospital have duffy?”
The doctor said, “I don’t have any here. Around a few 3 armour you can try, chaoyang hospital has for certain. You are lucky enough to have an urgent supply of goods from Beijing. Some time ago, if you didn’t have enough grades, you couldn’t find one box all over Beijing.
So first to the surrounding A hospital, emergency pharmacy handsome duffy, said it may be over. I checked the emergency pharmacy, called the outpatient pharmacy, and it’s gone. Finally gave me a phone call, said the next time you can call to ask. Good attitude!
Come out and see a pharmacy. The little brother replied: “there is no such medicine. We haven’t sold any. I don’t know how many we’ve sold. Turn a head to say with another person: “recent ask this medicine of person many, we enter point try?”
Next stop is chaoyang hospital. But I don’t have a fever. The nurse won’t let me register. Can rush again go in looking for a doctor, say morning just turn from chaoyang hospital, beg to open a box.
The doctor asks: “why turn?”
I answer: “the friend contacted a bed.”
The doctor said, “well, there’s a bed available so soon. Go register.
Then register, line up, prescribe medicine, pay cost, take medicine. 220 a box of tamiflu, 70 yuan for registration. Want to open some more, chaoyang hospital does not agree, his patient is insufficient.
I left ding hospital at 9 PM and went home. It was nearly 11 PM in tongzhou. It had been a hectic 28 hours since I left at six the previous day.
Home mother-in-law eyes red, his wife worried not to mention, and comfort the mother-in-law.
I asked only one question: “does the baby have a fever?”
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6 January 2006 (Saturday)
My wife rushed to the hospital early in the morning and told me to sleep at home. Call me at 10 and tell me that the fever will not go down under the condition of massive infusion, the highest temperature is 39 degrees. Another doctor again talked about being ready to be transferred to the ICU and asked for 24-hour care.
1) invite two relatives from our hometown to take care of us.
We have to go to work next week, so the 24-hour supervision is definitely not enough.
When booking the ticket, found jiamusi flight to Beijing, the first class on that day did not remain, the day after the remaining 2 first class, fortunately jixi flight to Beijing has full economy class. The consumption ability of northeast plute and miserable masses life form bright contrast.
2) contact person transferred to chaoyang hospital and union medical college hospital.
My friends were very helpful, but they couldn’t do it.
At 6:00 PM, I arrived at ding hospital to change shifts. Last night I found that the things organized by the passive, such as charging from the cabinet are moved to the bag. Madam did not move, can be father-in-law to be in breath difficulty, arterial was stuck the circumstance below 2 needle to begin personally. The difficulty is equivalent to carrying stones with injured hands in the case of altitude sickness in Lhasa. I moved my bag out of reach of my father-in-law and gave him something to call me.
The doctor arranged to take his temperature every hour and record all the “output”, that is, the amount of urine and feces. That night, my father-in-law’s urine output was low. As little as 20 milliliters at a time, and as much as 50 milliliters at a time, doctors worried that the kidneys were also infected.
The doctor talked to me again. Common sense thinks virus pneumonic cause death rate is not high, but actually virus pneumonic meeting causes a lot of complication, final cause of death is attributed to other disease, the patient and family member cannot treat virus pneumonic lightly.
21 point temperature 38.5 degrees, the doctor said there is no saline infusion ward, first with some antipyretic. After taking the medicine, the temperature dropped to 37.4 degrees. After taking the medicine, my father-in-law sweated and refused to cover himself with the quilt. After the doctor left, my father-in-law asked to take off his shirt and sleep naked, but I refused.
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7 January (Sunday)
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Jan 8 (Monday) morning at the ding hospital
After a nap, I got up and contacted several clients. The news from relatives is not bad, no fever all day, and good appetite in the morning.
At 11 o ‘clock, my wife called and told me the result of the color doppler ultrasound was very bad. First-line antibiotics were used, but the virus did not control, continue to spread, the entire lung has been occupied by the virus. The normal nasal catheter was no longer able to supply 3 liters of oxygen, so he began to take oxygen with a mask. The 10 liters of oxygen was barely enough to maintain the blood oxygen level at 90. After a group discussion among doctors from ding hospital, considering the case of cardiac arrest in the next ward yesterday, we were officially recommended to be transferred to the hospital, and asked to be admitted directly to the ICU.
The director of respiratory department of ding hospital was very responsible and personally helped to ask chaoyang hospital and other institutions, but the ICU was full. Finally, I contacted the nationally renowned e hospital, and 2 ICU beds were available in the afternoon. The director especially emphasized “family cooperation” in the contact, it seems that our performance in the hospital is ok.
A thousand words of thanks!
If ICU is confirmed, contact 120, indicating that oxygen is required. There were 4 employees, the person in charge and the driver were all from Beijing. They were very humorous and the atmosphere was not so depressing. 6km, the total cost of the bus, maintenance, equipment and so on is 800 yuan.
The father-in-law’s mood began to wobble. In the morning, he probably thought that he would be discharged from hospital within a few days. Now, when he heard that he was going to be transferred to another hospital, the doctor called his family members out of the ward to tell him the situation. His premonition is not good. He refused to wear an oxygen mask and replaced it with a nasal tube, which he brought back anyway.
Four, ICU
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January 8 (Monday) afternoon at e hospital
Once you arrive at the hospital, you are sent directly to the ICU. At the nurse’s command, she stripped off and threw all her clothes out of the ICU. Father-in-law lost his temper on the spot, obediently obedient.
The ICU does not admit family members and allows only half an hour of afternoon visits each day.
When I arrived at night, my wife said that the ICU was in good condition and that the only Hospital she had ever seen was Emory University Hospital, which is used to treat ebola patients in the United States. Each patient is cared for 24 hours a day by a dedicated nurse, who is about four times the number of patients. The non-invasive ventilator is on, and the blood oxygen level is back above 90. And invasive ventilator, artificial lung (ECMO) have, in case of deterioration, people should also be able to rescue back.
After the happy news, it is natural to say “but”. She signed a lot of papers, all kinds of treatments, and her spine felt cold when she looked at it. Although the doctor repeatedly stated that it was not necessary to use it, it was certainly a lot to suffer from.
In addition, the cost of ICU is about 8,000-20,000 yuan per day, so we have to work hard to make money.
I immediately vote on the heart: moutai investment during the day, evening leverage speculation currency.
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Monday night, January 8.
Father-in-law 2 years ago to lend local “famous tuhao” SB elder brother 100,000 yuan, then say turnover 2 weeks also, but 2 years have not seen the shadow of money. Although we know, my mother-in-law and I have never dared to mention it in front of my father-in-law, for fear that something might go wrong with his excitement.
Now the person has entered ICU, be short of is money, ask the other side reimbursement at once. This SB hear the news in the heart of joy, wish father-in-law to go early. The answer was crisp: “no money!”
Cherish life, away from the tuhao.
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
Monday night, January 8.
After coming home from the hospital, in the following car charging toss about, a look at the door is playing with the children, did not take a bath. Busy asked wash a face? Answer washed hands, did not wash a face, because came back changed a mouth-mask (the mouth-mask that USES in the hospital cannot be used in the home). I demand immediately: take a shower first, ability is accurate contact child. Strictly enforce!
After a while, the child suddenly began to cough.
I am extremely nervous, if catch can do how. Later, my wife and mother-in-law said they were under more pressure, and I don’t know how I would lose my nerve if the baby caught it.
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
Tuesday, January 9th & NBSP;
In the morning, the child did not have a fever, the day did not cough too much. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
The lady looked ill. Said a night without sleep, physically very sleepy, very anxious heart. Don’t know when the disease is good, don’t know how much money to spend, feeling divided into two people. I laughed and comforted her.
My mother-in-law was admitted to the ICU during afternoon visits. His father-in-law said to his mother-in-law, “I have no problem with this body”. The mother-in-law said she believed in her father-in-law’s body on behalf of the whole family and that he would be the first ICU patient to be transferred to the general ward and the first patient to return home.
When we got home in the evening, my mother-in-law asked us, “why is he still so show off in an ostentatious manner?”
I immediately said: “show off in an ostentatious manner is a good thing, that is full recovery!”
After the meal, my wife told me that there was a big sister outside the ICU. She was not only familiar with the chores such as running a meal card, renting a folding bed for the attendant, and the brand of the diaper pad, but also proficient in the difficult cases of Beijing respiratory department, funny stories of famous doctors, treatment procedures, postoperative care, etc. Said to be Beijing famous respiratory department “star nurses”, lung transplant patients often have to wait for her schedule, to about.
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
Wednesday, January 10.
The father-in-law was transferred from the larger ward to the smallest of the eight ICU wards, and the temperature and blood oxygen indicators were relatively stable. During the visit, my father-in-law complained about the food in the hospital.
I read it to my mother-in-law optimistically at night: “the smallest ICU room is not big enough for the doctor to operate on him there. Move him to that room, the doctor thinks he is recovering well and there is no need for an operation.
And about ward A. The patient entered the ICU already intubated, with a tube inserted from the mouth into the lungs to deliver oxygen directly. This morning, the doctor suggested the artificial lung in ward A. Due to the large follow-up costs, the family members did not agree immediately, but asked around, and the information they got was not optimistic:
1) the effect is hard to say. Of course there is cure, more is not cure.
A doctor in his thirties caught pneumonia while rescuing a patient. Finally on the artificial lung can not save back.
In the end, ward A decided to intubate and not use artificial lungs.
“If dad does get there,” she said. Even if I know the odds aren’t good, if I have a 1% chance, I’m going to go for it. I won’t be happy for the rest of my life if I don’t spend it.
Five, the intubation
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Thursday, January 11 th (PM)
At 3:00 PM, just finished chatting with the client WeChat group, my wife called urgently: “the result of shooting today is still not good. The doctor decided to intubate. After the intubation, the patient will be sedated, and the patient will not be able to speak. Please send grandma to the hospital as soon as possible.
Grandma is accompanying the sleeping daughter, immediately put on the clothes, asked me: “you yesterday is not to say that there is better, how to intubation? I was speechless and could only say, “I’ll drive you and my daughter to the hospital. To the hospital let two aunt down in the car looking at her daughter.
Grandma: “no, the baby can’t go to the hospital.”
So he used the shouqi car to hail a car. Grandma stumbled out of the door still thinking about the child: “you give her boil a porridge, steamed eggs.
Upon entering the ICU, grandma said to grandpa in tears, “you don’t blame me for not taking good care of you.” My grandfather told me the password of cell phone, bank card and stock account, but he didn’t want to increase the burden on his family.
My wife had a bad presentiment, so she suppressed her sadness and asked my grandfather, “dad, do you have anything else to say?”
The father-in-law paused for a moment and said painfully, “go on with the treatment.”
In life, who knows what his last sentence is?
(intubation indicates that the patient is very sick, but the medical staff cannot and is not suitable to prompt the patient to leave a last word. In case that happens, we advise families and patients to cherish the opportunity. We hope this is not the last time, but who knows?
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Thursday evening, January 11
Vi. Artificial lung (ECMO)
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Friday, January 12 at 11 a.m
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Friday afternoon, January 12
After meeting clients with a mask, I rushed to the ICU in the last few minutes of the visiting period. My father-in-law moved from the small ward to the large ward, covered in tubes.
Tubes thick with fingers on the back of the head, right hand and thigh lead to blood. Four or five vials of plasma, nutrient solution, and anti-inflammatory drugs are continuously injected throughout the body through different catheters. Nurses in the strict monitoring of indicators, more than ten minutes to add some drugs. Mother-in-law did not have the courage to open the quilt, it is estimated that the following are all pipes.
The father-in-law had been sedate, and any voluntary action could result in the blood vessels being disconnected from the artificial lung. Only the ecg on the monitor showed signs of life.
After the visit, I waited for the doctor to exchange information. The attending doctor was too busy to attend the meeting. The resident doctor in charge of this bed communicated with me.
Oneself: “excuse me the probability of cure?”
Resident: “I’m not sure. If it is to do heart surgery, but the short-term postoperative need artificial lung support, the probability will be higher. If the patient is in good health, the probability of cure is also higher.
Oneself: “your hospital before probably did cure probability?”
Resident: “I’m on rotation in this department, and the situation is not clear. For patients, it’s not about the odds, it’s about the individual coming back.
Oneself: “the patient present circumstance how?”
Resident: “not so good. He went through five hospitals and now he’s infected with some drug-resistant bacteria from the hospital. We’ve given him the strongest antibiotic, vancomycin, but it’s getting worse.
Oneself: “excuse me cure of patient, postoperative life basic ability self-care?”
Resident: “every patient is different. Some patients are able to live on their own, while others need to stay in bed and take oxygen.
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January 13 (Saturday) morning
The information from the hospital is short of Numbers, so we have to mine the information by ourselves.
Artificial lung, Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation, abbreviated as ECMO. As the name suggests, it takes the blood out, and a machine replaces the lungs outside the body, exchanging oxygen into the blood and then back into the body. It began to be used in heart surgery, and gradually began to be used in China to support the lives of critically ill patients after SARS.
Ke wen-zhe, the current mayor of Taipei, first made a name for himself when he used ECMO at the national Taiwan university medical school to keep patients with heart failure alive for 16 days before undergoing heart transplants.
ECMO alone does not kill lung viruses and bacteria. The doctors’ plan is to fight the disease with a “scorched-earth policy”. For example, when locusts sweep across a field, nothing grows. But when the grass is gone, the locusts die. Now the virus in the lungs is like a locust, and the lung body is like a farm field. The treatment strategy is to let the virus attack. When the lungs are full, the virus will die. When the virus dies, the ECMO keeps the patient alive, and then the lungs recover, gradually providing oxygen to other organs.
Patients treated with ECMO have a survival rate of about 30 percent.
(source: the concept of medical humanities, xiao-tong hou | life is really worth? A confusion of the ECMO doctor, http://www.sohu.com/a/121900683_377350).
Cured patients in the ICU for a minimum of 4 days.
(source: the concept of medical humanities, xiao-tong hou | life is really worth? A confusion of the ECMO doctor, http://www.sohu.com/a/121900683_377350).
Cured patients were in the ICU for up to 122 days.
(source: the record between the hospital hundreds of cases of ECMO moments, in retrospect, outlook 2018, http://www.sohu.com/a/214085311_655772).
Postoperative patients are able to live on their own, but the pages go back and forth and those are just a few of the cases. I estimate it’s about 10-25% of the patients who survive.
In other words, the probability of surviving and being able to fend for yourself: 3-7.5%.
One night a genie jumped out and bet with me.
1) I bet 500,000 yuan, lost the 500,000 yuan to the genie.
2) I have a 5% chance of winning and a 95% chance of losing.
3) the genie asks: how much will you be willing to accept the bet if you win?
4) I replied: if I win 100 million, I bet right away; If you win and give me $1 million, you’re out of here.
5) the genie asked: if you win, can save their loved ones back?
Seven, o blood
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Noon on Saturday, January 13
Accept doctor notice, request organization to donate blood.
I am again a face meng force: offer how many, where offer, how cognizant is I offer?
Ask the ICU nurse, the nurse doesn’t know; Go to ask a doctor, the doctor also does not know; Let’s ask the blood transfusion department.
When we got to the transfusion department, we found out:
1) you can’t buy blood at the hospital.
2) when patients need blood, relatives and friends need to donate blood to maintain the blood volume of the blood bank.
3) the previous blood donation certificate of an individual can only be used for immediate family members, namely, spouse, parents and children. That is to say, the wife’s blood donation certificate can be used for father-in-law, I as the son-in-law’s blood donation certificate can not.
4) the blood department issued a one-page application form for mutual aid blood donation in Beijing with the name of my father-in-law on it.
5) to the designated blood donation vehicle blood donation, not in the hospital blood donation. The hospital recommended two blood donation points, which was later relaxed to be the blood donation vehicle of tongzhou blood center.
6) due to the lack of type A blood, blood donors must offer type A blood, marked “special blood for special purpose”. However, it does not mean that the blood donated by people in your organization must be used to designate patients, and the blood center agrees to dispatch them.
7) in the next few days, type A blood is not scarce, you can donate other blood types, marked “blood type allocation”.
8) for every 200CC of blood donation, only 100CC of plasma can be obtained.
9) blood donors should bring their id CARDS, driver’s licenses and medical insurance CARDS.
10) after blood donation, the staff will provide a blood donation certificate. We need to take the blood donation certificate back to the blood donation department of the e hospital. The seal of the blood donation department indicates that the certificate has been used, and meanwhile increases the amount of blood used for the father-in-law.
11) the blood donation certificate can also be used next time for the blood donor’s immediate family members.
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Saturday, January 13. In the afternoon
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Saturday, January 13. In the evening
Lady in the QQ input “mutual aid blood donation”, mutual aid blood donation group. After adding group, somebody adds good friend to communicate immediately.
Then made a few phone calls to the two blood donation car next to the small card people.
The result: 1,500 yuan, 400cc.
Is this the “price bureau” unified pricing? & have spent
To these people, the attitude of car staff should be good.
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On the evening of Saturday, January 13
When I got home, my daughter came over with a bad smile and hurriedly stopped her from touching me before I finished my bath and clothes.
“X your mother, ha ha ha” the daughter laughs.
I one leng, this is how to return a responsibility?
Grandma quickly stopped her daughter, “no, no, no!”
“X your mother, ha ha ha”
Grandma explained: “in the afternoon, she will eat bean paste, steamed and milk yellow package. I was impatient to scold one, she will remember.
I can only laugh bitterly, the whole family is out of whack.
Eight, transmission
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Noon on Sunday, January 14
He went to the emergency room and told his doctor that he might have been infected by a respiratory ICU patient.
The doctor ask: “a current, b current?”
I said, “I don’t know what virus it is. “All the tests for blood, for alveoli, for pleural effusion are negative, but within a few days it becomes a big white lung.
The doctor put the mask firmly, to ensure that the nose is covered, open examination: CT chest scan, blood test, throat swab.
It’s okay. Everything’s fine.
Come out, the winter sun is so warm and gentle.
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Monday, January 15.
Relatives sent home to the “remote medical insurance reimbursement application form,” which is a local neighborhood committee or the local police station stamped that the applicant in remote living.
I went to the neighborhood committee first and everything went well at first, but I got stuck in one place.
The “application form” is “the handler’s seal”, I ask the little sister to sign.
“It’s a seal,” said the little sister. “if it’s ‘the handler’ or ‘the handler’s signature’, I’ll sign it for you right away. We don’t have a name badge. I am good for you, if you can not use it back, it is not your business.
I emphasize repeatedly do not have a thing, have sample, manager does not agree namely.
Ground ji 10 minutes, the person that handle a proposal goes next police station, the personnel of police station has a person’s seal.
Arrived police station, police station expresses not to belong to duty limits, do not stamp, the proposal goes to center of social security of the side.
Arrived social security center, the staff member expresses proof to live not to belong to duty limits, the proposal goes to the side street office.
Subdistrict office did not say to do not belong to duty limits, but ask heilongjiang to stamp first perhaps give application letter.
Will blow out the cold wind, consider or neighborhood committee difficulty is the least.
So walked into the neighborhood, took off his mask, that father-in-law got SARS like fierce flu, in ICU life and death unknown, and then dry cough.
There was a dead silence, and then suddenly the two little sisters began to cough.
Handling small sister hesitated for a moment, suddenly also feel throat itching, cough a few, then signed the past.
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Tuesday afternoon, January 16
Madame called to say that the results were getting better.
Since come on, take piece every time result is aggravate, see a bit of virus at last from limitative dawn
Madam said that the resident doctor was in a better mood. When she visited him, he came to talk with her for about half an hour. Before, the doctor tells 3 minutes of cold fact, can leave voluntarily, avoid the look of family member despair.
The doctor is expecting a CT tomorrow. Since CT is much more complicated than radiography after artificial lung, the patient needs to be removed from the ICU before it can be done. We think this is a very positive signal, indicating signs of improvement, and the doctor needs to do CT verification.
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Tuesday evening, January 16
A heavy vertical breathing department WeChat official account, that night sent a 2 hours long video. The point opens look, the top class expert of wu hospital analyses a case, and the case is father-in-law unexpectedly. Rare opportunity, listen to an expert to tell the illness of family.
Father and daughter love, the lady listened to a few minutes can not go on, told me not to send mother-in-law.
We read, experts will not choose a high probability of not save the case. Several patients were sent in at the same time, each seriously ill. Experts took the father-in-law as a case, probably because he was seriously ill but could be saved.
E hospital everything is good, but the doctor and family members can improve communication. A few hundred thousand dollars is not a lot for a hospital, but it is not a lot for a family. As consumers, we have very limited information, just five minutes of communication a day. My wife often asked me to find someone to get through the relationship, ask the situation in detail, but could not find the right way. Can only sigh with emotion: do not become an official, money has gross use.
Doctors in the ICU are really hard workers. My mother-in-law is a nurse in a small hospital in a prefecture-level city. Doctors and nurses work from morning till night and have packed lunch at noon. What face is difficult and critical patient, the family member mood is urgent and despair. If want to cause disease, pathology, remedial plan to family member is told meticulously everyday, how does the person that lie on that sickbed do?
What’s more, the question that the family members are most concerned about: “the probability of saving people, the situation of saving people, and the time of saving people” is just like an investor asking you: “the probability of the Shanghai composite index returning to the high point, the trend after that, and when it will rise to that point”, which is hard to answer. And there’s a high probability that the questioner never wants to hear the answer.
But five minutes a day is too short. Video shows that the director of the department and nationally renowned experts took a lot of efforts, and the treatment plan also considered a variety of circumstances. Tell the family this information is necessary and does not add to the cost.
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Noon on Wednesday, January 17
My father-in-law’s brother and sister rushed to Beijing.
I talked about the cause of the disease and mentioned that the patient in ward A had left the other day.
They couldn’t understand: “Beijing can’t cure a cold?”
Isn’t it better to drink more water and sleep more?
I thought of the “Spanish flu” I had seen before.
The 1918 flu pandemic, the first worldwide pandemic, killed an estimated 20 million people. The flu was brought to the barracks by young men from an area of flu-stricken Kansas. It first spread in U.S. barracks and then spread to Europe as U.S. troops fought in world war I. After infecting the king of Spain, the Flu had a name: Spanish Flu.
Lurking among the wounded and rotating soldiers of world war I, the flu spread from Europe to Oceania, Asia and South America. In China, chongqing was a serious disease area at that time. It is said that “half of chongqing fell ill”. That flu had an average fatality rate of about 2.5% to 5%, compared with the ‘average’ 0.1%.
A full 100 years, the technology has undergone earth-shaking changes, with the atomic bomb, the Internet, now AI, blockchain have appeared, but still can not cure the flu.
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Wednesday evening, January 17
Madam said that the patient in ward B had a sudden cerebral haemorrhage, and the doctor asked him to return to the small hospital to “wait”, or else he would spend money in ICU every day. B’s family members have strong social ability. Unexpectedly, they found a brain specialist to visit the ICU within a few hours. But brain experts also suggested giving up, the same day B turned away.
I thought to myself: “if this let us transfer, where to find the relationship?”
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Wednesday evening, January 17
If a very difficult decision needs to be made, she says, she goes and talks to her doctor.
I said I could too.
The madam secretly say with me: “mother is afraid decision no longer cure, father would not happy. If anything should happen, she would take it for us.
I said, “I know, but dad won’t do anything to me. My mother has a heart attack, and it’s hard to tell if she can handle it in that extreme situation.
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Noon, Thursday, January 18
My mother-in-law’s two sisters came to Beijing to support us and help us look after the children.
We are very grateful. I also reminded them to wear masks at home, but they were not willing to do so at first. I told them repeatedly: “we soak in the respiratory ICU every day, not afraid that you will infect us, but afraid that we will infect you! Match again with father-in-law whole body pipeline picture, they also insisted no longer.
They’re much better. These three weeks of children have not been downstairs, every day at home to watch “piggy page”. I used to watch only two episodes a day. Now I can watch all the episodes twice a day.
One day, my daughter suddenly said: “I can’t see clearly.
We were so scared that we thought we were shortsighted. Fortunately, the next day to take her downstairs, she can also see the sky plane.
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Thursday evening, January 18
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Friday, January 19th & NBSP;
Madam and mother-in-law cry everyday, sit alone cry, cry in the arms together, the daughter carries grandfather to cry on carry. My mother-in-law blamed herself for not opening the window at that time, so that my father-in-law would not think of opening the window and would not catch a cold, let alone enter the ICU. My wife said that she didn’t arrange for my father-in-law to go to Tibet.
My mother-in-law is stronger than I thought, but my wife is not. Although the father-in-law is very son preference, did not pick up her little childhood, but she is very attached to the father-in-law.
One day my wife said to me: my father saved the body is also very weak, after you are the backbone of our family.
I said: I used to make you, your father, your mother added up to double the money, now their own futility, but also you add up to the total. I’m not the backbone?
No, said the lady. What you say at home doesn’t count.
I reflected on this question.
Home habits and customs are not determined by education, major, income, but by the decision of temper, who temper who has the final say.
My mother-in-law and I take care of each other, but no one wants to have a conflict with my father-in-law. I was also responsible for the shirtless window opening and the family contagion. If I had been in charge at home, it would never have happened in the first place.
I make more money than them, but I don’t have the habit of making decisions. I only complain in my circle of friends. A former colleague told me bluntly that he thought I was being irresponsible with my children. She packed up and sent the old man out of the house within an hour.
It sounds cruel, but all the old people and children in her family are ok!
I’m fine, but someone at home is lying in the ICU.
And, as long as the virus is slightly more infectious, there could be five people in the ICU. If that’s the case, all four adults are more or less responsible, but the daughter is innocent.
Buffett once said, “habits are so light that they are barely noticeable. It’s so heavy you can’t break free.”
So did my father-in-law, and so did I.
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20 January (Saturday)
The CT expected to be done on Wednesday has not been done, so we have a bad presentiment.
In the morning, I accompanied two unpaid blood donors beside the blood donation car. In the cold winter wind, only me and the person who handed out the small card circled under the car to keep warm. I sigh with emotion at the speed of using blood is too fast, the other side is dismissive, say most someone used 30,000 cc, the unit organized more than 100 people to donate blood.
My brother-in-law called to say they could support some if needed. My mother also said WeChat can support part of the money, I replied: live to spend, do not give ICU. Here one day is all you have to live from hand to mouth for a year.
In the afternoon, before I entered the ward, I could see my father-in-law breathing hard through the glass. Asked the nurse, “is this because of increased spontaneous breathing?”
The nurse shook her head. The resident came up to us and said, “we’re at 4000 RPM, but his oxygen levels are still going down. The lungs have to work to increase the oxygen supply, so you’ll see his breathing increase. We don’t want that. He’s got fluid in his chest, he’s got pressure on his internal organs, he’s got heart problems. We smoked twice, but it’s getting worse.
After watching it for 5 minutes, my mother-in-law left the ICU. She couldn’t stand it and we hurried home together. Home, I said that tomorrow or go to the hospital, the situation and his father-in-law’s brothers and sisters account clearly, so that they have a heart ready. In theory, my mother-in-law was the best choice, but I decided to cry as soon as she said it.
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21 January (Sunday)
When I arrived at the hospital in the morning, I asked my mother-in-law to stay outside the ICU and communicate with my father-in-law’s two sisters and one brother.
First of all, I retold the father-in-law’s condition that the doctor told me yesterday, and analyzed it with the expert’s video information, indicating that the situation was not optimistic.
Then the economic situation, according to the early cost estimates, can last more than 20 days. If the artificial lung membrane aging, need 60 thousand yuan for a set of equipment, will support 3 days less.
The elders of more than 50 years old weep freely, the old uncle (northeast the youngest elders called “old”, the old uncle is the youngest uncle) said: “grandpa and grandma are 90, how do I say with them? If your father does go away, I’m afraid they will suffer and I won’t be able to hold out for years.
At noon, uncle and aunt back to the northeast, Monday to work. Second aunt and second uncle continued to support us.
Ten, transfer
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22 January (Monday)
I submitted my work plan in the morning, and my boss asked me to report to the headquarters in Shanghai. Considering my father-in-law’s illness, I think it will not be a big problem this week and it will be dangerous next week. I booked the plane ticket for the evening and prepared to work in Shanghai for a week.
At 4:30 p.m., madam called: “I had a CT scan today and the results came out. The doctor sent for all who could come. You immediately come over, the mother just top subway come home, two gu still at donate blood car side, I all let them hurry back.”
One hour later, we rushed to the hospital. A doctor we had never met before was already communicating with his family. His words were very euphemistic.
1) consultation held that it was medically unnecessary to continue treatment.
The lungs are full of bacterial and viral infections, respiratory failure, renal failure, liver failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hypoalbuminemia, hyperkalemia, hypernatremia.
2) recommend the patient to be transferred.
Of course you can stay in e hospital, but it costs more than 20,000 yuan per day.
Let us turn out that, understandably, every hospital does not want to increase its own deaths, and the statistics are not good at all.
The problem now is that no small hospital is willing to accept it.
After a discussion with the family members, I went back to the ICU and communicated with a male doctor about four questions:
Q1: can I have a lung transplant?
Answer 1: lung transplantation is feasible only when the entire respiratory system is sound and the lungs are dysfunctional. Not now.
Q2: can I take the patient home?
Answer 2: have contagion possibility, do not suggest to do so.
Q3: can I stop treatment in ICU?
Answer 3: violate medical ethics and doctor professional morality, cannot.
Q4. How long will it last?
Answer 4: don’t say, may very long, may very short.
The family had no time to grieve. After an hour of discussion, they decided to go back to the hospital in their hometown. The old man didn’t like Beijing and let him go from home.
Go home to solve two problems: one is to go home, two is the local hospital to receive.
Relatives said there were 120 ambulance CARDS in the ICU dressing room and 999 from patients in ward C. We call for consultation and the information is as follows:
1) 120 first-aid vehicle: 10 yuan per km, drug costs are included. There are two drivers and one doctor. Expect to be out in 2 hours.
2) 999: it means that roads in northeast China are closed to snow (unreal). It is suggested to use medical plane to transport to the nearby airport and then get on the local ambulance. The airline is expected to complete the approval within 24 hours, with the estimated flight cost of 500,000 yuan and de-icing cost of 100,000 yuan. I hastened to say: far from small target.
3) civil aviation. The following conditions shall be met:
  1. The patient needs a “certificate of suitability to fly” issued by the hospital;
  2. You need to apply 72 hours in advance;
  3. If seats are available, the back 2 rows of economy class will be removed for a total of 12 seats.
  4. The price of the stretcher patient is 12 economy class full price, and the accompanying personnel will purchase the ticket separately;
  5. Oxygen production equipment is limited to products that meet certain standards and cannot carry other electronic medical systems.
Civil aviation does not meet the conditions, medical aircraft can not afford to only choose an ambulance.
Local hospitals were initially reluctant to take them, either because of the increased number of deaths or the fear of family members making trouble in the area. We look for a person immediately, explain the family member has psychological preparation, the daughter of the patient has formal job in Beijing, absolutely do not make trouble.
With guarantees, local hospitals may also want to see the artificial lung system in action and agree to take it. Prepare the ICU beds, we hope that we can get the hospital diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible, they prepare drugs and equipment.
He rushed back to the hospital to complete the transfer procedure, but the hospital did not agree to take away the artificial lung equipment.
I analyzed and said:
1) the hospital does not want the patient to die in the hospital;
2) we thank the hospital for its suggestion to reduce my family burden and cooperate with the hospital to transfer the patient to another hospital;
3) the patient cannot live for more than 5 minutes without artificial lung system;
4) the hospital will not allow the artificial lung system to be taken away.
Without artificial lungs, no one can achieve their goals. We promise to return the artificial lung device to the hospital as soon as the patient dies.
The doctor said that the medical equipment is a state-owned asset, and the process of taking it out of the hospital needs to go through. Let’s negotiate again tomorrow morning.
11. Mili
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
23 January 2009 (Tuesday)
< / p > < p > back home less than 3 hours, at one o ‘clock in the morning, the wife urgent telegram: “the doctor said that father may only have 2 hours, you and mother hurry to come over, I please two aunt to buy a shroud.
People are too tired, did not drive, hit the first steam rush to the hospital.
On the car, the madam call again: “the doctor say if the heart stop beating, medicine top can adopt the rescue method such as electric shock, ask the opinion of the family member.”
I said, “come on, dad’s been through a lot.”
In the movie, the patient will open their eyes, touch your face, say the last word and ask you to take care of yourself.
Art is warm, reality is cold. The patient had a full head of gauze, a full face of beard, a whole body of pipes and no consciousness, only a weak electrocardiogram, constantly alarming indicators of blood oxygen and heartbeat.
We ask ourselves answer, let father rest assured, will take care of mother, take care of the baby, take care of yourself.
Although there was no hope, the doctor still had to rescue us and soon let us leave the ICU.
He and his wife sat outside waiting for the notice. “What is the first impression you remember of your father?” asked the lady.
A: “no, I always try to forget my childhood.”
“The first time I remember my father was when he got up to help me make milk powder.
Three o ‘clock in the morning, two gu help buy the shroud back, 3600. Although I had seen it on a treasure before, it was impossible to buy it until the last minute. And when you want to use it, you can’t wait.
Relatives told the undertaker that the man had left because of a cold and thought he would be surprised. Who knows the shopkeeper is not surprised, said the cold has killed many people, from the onset to go time is very urgent.
Eight hours ago, I called the airline and asked about the rules for carrying patients.
Eight hours later, I called the airline and asked about the rules for carrying urns.
Civil aviation regulations are as follows:
1) passengers can carry urns on board;
2) the outer packing of the urn and the behavior of the passengers should not arouse the dislike of other passengers.
It was getting light, but there was no further news. No news is good news, the doctor’s rescue continued life.
The attending doctor talked to us at 10 a.m., said the latest tests showed renal failure and asked if he needed dialysis. We said no.
After talking, I went to the morgue. The madam asked the doctor in the early morning, what should she do after the patient left? The doctor said to find the morgue, go through the procedure.
The morgue is a small, unmarked building in a hospital. Elevator can only go to the second floor underground, down, on both sides of the door locking, no staff. Back on the ground, I found a phone number of contact X written on the door and called:
I: we hope that after the person left, as soon as possible cremation, please ask the procedure. ?
X: after the patient leaves, ask the department to call me. What is it?
Me: what’s the time, please?
X: do you have three days, five days or seven days?
Me: no. Return home to do, whether can send cremation that day?
X: only cremation in the morning. It’s up to you.
Me: will the expenses be deducted from the hospital deposit?
X: no, cash only.
Me: no hospital bills? Can I pay WeChat?
X: no, cash only.
No hospital bills, just cash. That’s weird.
In the evening, I discussed with my family and they all thought there was something wrong. Two gu said a few days ago to see someone from the hospital main door directly to the coffin on the train, let me directly contact the funeral parlor.
Call to funeral home immediately, the other side expresses: want you to be able to take a body to come out from the hospital only, ok, do not need to walk mortuary flow. And funeral homes are government-set, not overpriced. As for the morgues, most are contracted.
I ask: “can Beijing still let the family member move a corpse?”
Funeral home: “the key is the death certificate, without the death certificate, we can do nothing.”
I asked, “can I bring the coffin with me? Can you send someone to help us lift it?
Funeral home: “wooden coffin, paper coffin, with the cart. No one to carry you, no money, carry yourself.
Hung up the telephone, want to contract morgue doorway many. Do not need to stop a body, say a person is absent, do not have dead certificate. Drag a family member for a few hours, the family member also can only mean.
The whole family discussed it and thought that e hospital would be better. The mortuary department may have some advantages, but doctors don’t do that. If do not let carry body or do not open certificate of death, complain first, again not line calls the police.
Xii. Return to hometown
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
Wednesday, January 24
After a quiet night outside the ICU, with two more days expected, I drove home from the hospital in the morning. Hit the subway limit, the long line of endless.
When I got home at 10 o ‘clock, I threw all my clothes into the washing machine and had not showered for 2 minutes.
The phone is ringing.
Madam: “father not line, the doctor say this time true not line. You and mother hurry to the hospital.
I called my nephew first and asked him to help me. Yesterday, the heart is still hesitant to call him to carry the body is appropriate, the emergency is not to attend to, just told him to be sure to wear a mask.
Drive out a village, haven’t top high speed, the madam call: “the person have already didn’t. You will immediately take dad’s household registration book, open the death certificate.
I asked: “dad’s household registration book, or our household registration book? The hospital does not force send morgue.”
Madam: “father’s household register. Death certificate wants 4 things: doctor signature, card of the deceased, registered permanent residence of the deceased this, the id card that deals with a person. I have everything else.
The hospital agreed to take the funeral home, and I’ll call the funeral home right away.”
Back to take the account of this, a high – speed ramp on the water found above, he was too urgent, on the ramp did not notice the viaduct motionless. Move along while, found in front of three cars pileup, each owner have a reason, there quarrel not move the car.
The more anxious, the easier the traffic jam. I should not have believed that the navigation display all the way, far away from the point.
30 minutes, only drove 10 kilometers, the wife called again, I was worried about the woman crazy cry, the wife said: “you also don’t worry, we have some situation.
Almost to the hospital, the wife again telephone: “funeral home of the coffin arrived, you to where, ability carry?”
Near is near, but the car, the cart, the tricycle, the express motorcycle, the pedestrian crowded to squeeze to go, cannot move.
So the lady and her nephew went down to carry the coffin.
When I arrived, I took my hukou book to my wife and she went to do the formalities. My father-in-law’s body was already dressed and placed in the coffin. I put on my gloves and put my clothes in the coffin.
The body was so heavy that it was not allowed to fall to the ground. We first took an elevator down the people, to the first floor also went wrong, found the hall back door, into the train.
My nephew and a relative were in the car, and we rushed to stamp the death certificate and then sped off to the funeral home.
In the car, ma ‘am said, “dad just wants me to do something. I don’t even have time to grieve for an hour.
When the doctor told him to go in for a last look, it was really his last. The heart rate was 0 and the electrocardiogram showed little fluctuation over a long period of time.
2) then he was asked to leave the ward and start the procedure. The doctor did not hesitate a moment to say yes to the family’s request to leave the funeral home.
We need to get the household register.
4) call the funeral home and assure them that the hospital is ok. Order the wooden coffin.
5) a man, S, offered to help put on the shroud and carry the coffin, 200 yuan. Of course I agree.
6) another male care worker H in the ICU was invited to help.
7) the doctor confirms the patient’s death and removes the artificial lung. The nurse padded the wounds with gauze.
8) disinfection of remains.
9) S is really professional. Let’s shave the patient. And the shroud isn’t worn piece by piece, it’s worn together. And all sorts of fittings are worn have exquisite, he is very agile. The little lady breathed a sigh of relief.
10) something unexpected happened. A wound in the abdomen, the nurse’s treatment is not strict enough, a lot of blood, the shroud is soaked.
11) emergency call to ask the home of the Sir, the Sir Said can’t wear blood clothes go, must change.
12) I had planned to send my relatives to the hospital, but S said I could send them to the hospital. It’s 1800 yuan, half the price my relatives bought that day.
13) the nurse treated the wound again.
14) funeral home asks: do you need a mourning hall, a memorial service, or a bath for your body? Don’t reply.
15) clothes arrive. Put on the clothes again, the body is not hot, very difficult to wear.
16) drive to the funeral home.
17) find the hospital administrator and unlock the back door.
18) drive to carry the coffin. The driver’s attitude is very bad, direct blunt madam roar: “you why don’t walk morgue!”
Driver eldest brother, didn’t walk morgue you can’t get kickback, but as for so to the family member?? )
19) take the coffin to the ICU.
20) put the body in the coffin.”
The madam later say to me: “you choose a road that block a traffic, otherwise mother-in-law see dead body top of the whole body of wound, don’t know will cry into what kind. She had complained that she had not taken good care of her father, and had contracted the strange disease; See this will blame to give dad on artificial lung, let him suffer a lot. Especially in the back of the wound is not handled well, to the outflow of blood.
“S was so well-informed that he showed up five minutes after the doctor informed me. I gave him 500 yuan. After all, he wore the clothes twice. The second time was very difficult. In addition, H gave him 200 yuan, thanks for his willingness to help send dad to the last journey.
At the funeral home, the coffins were moved from the wagons to special carts, so that no one had to carry them.
Ask if you can be cremated this afternoon.
Mortuary says: 24 hours are ok, but custom had better cremate at dawn.
(morgue X says cremation can only be done in the morning, and if the family is unaware, the patient who died in the afternoon and evening will naturally come to him.)
The old man asked his wife to open the coffin, dip the wine in the towel and perform a simple ceremony for his father. We don’t feel like we’re being taught how to do this. Fortunately, there is a small shop next to the funeral home. When it comes to buying wine, some people suggest that they can guide their families to do the ceremony.
Choose good urn, funeral home undertaker was checked strictly twice information, all certificate all information is matched, begin to enter cremation program.
Staff twice asked the family to pay tribute to the remains, while the remains identified as the deceased. Then all the family members with the staff went to the crematorium and watched the coffin slowly slide to the hearth.
We kowtowed and my mother – in – law and my sister – in – law couldn’t stand.
The staff then asked the family to leave and wait in the rest area.
My wife began to inform my father-in-law’s brothers and sisters, and I began to book tickets. The capital airlines APP is one of the worst apps I have ever used. It is not one of them. After submitting the order, I waited for 1 minute, which showed “request exception, session retrieval failure”. Rebook the tickets. There are only three tickets left for the four of us.
Can not book the next day capital air tickets to jixi, began to book Air China jiamusi flight tickets. To the last step, the lady suddenly shouted don’t buy don’t buy, Mr. Home must be at noon tomorrow before the end of the ceremony, flying jiamusi too late tomorrow.
So I booked the latest flight to jiamusi at 19:00. My wife and mother-in-law were left to collect the ashes, while my second uncle and I rushed to the hotel to collect our luggage.
Traffic, traffic, traffic!
Later, she was forced to divide into two parts. The wife and two uncles and two uncles took their father’s ashes to make sure they could catch the plane. I went home to get my clothes, if I couldn’t make it, I would fly to jiamusi early the next morning. I went home, grabbed a handful of clothes and shoved them in the trunk, just in time to catch the plane.
While waiting for the plane, the lady cried again. When she and her grandmother put the ashes into the urn, they found that her father-in-law’s bone marrow was black. This time the treatment drugs are very fierce, father-in-law did not suffer less.
As we were about to land, my wife told me to leave for home at four in the morning.
I disagree and ask to be put off until 6:00:
1) starting from jiamusi at 4 o ‘clock means that relatives have to start from their hometown at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, which leads to a serious lack of sleep.
2) dark, snow, slippery road.
The madam expresses the Sir Already calculated, 8 o ‘clock in the morning burn paper, must leave at 4 o ‘clock. The road is really bad. Allow time.
Again, I described the many adventures I had experienced driving in the dark. The snow was difficult to control, and the wind was blowing hard.
The wife’s family disagreed. I had to compromise, but made it clear that we didn’t share a car and that there was another person to take care of my mother-in-law and children in case something went wrong.
I still feel uneasy. To big xu hair message: if I have a situation, the child please you.
Big xu big jing: big midnight you frighten to play? Got sick in the ICU?
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
Thursday, January 25
Early morning departure. -31 degrees north wind force 5.
The car shop to the suburb, stop to let madam “throw basin”.
We knelt down, and madame lifted the basin above her head, and after a few words from Monsieur, threw it with all her might into the distance and broke it to pieces.
Six car light on the highway gallop, dawn, wake up the birds flying in the sky. We wanted him to have a good life like in up. We wanted him to be there, to see his granddaughter, to feed her chocolates.
Entering the city, the first car drove very strange, either the yellow light to speed up, or see the red light from afar to slow down. Relatives explained that the custom is not to stop the car, the red light is not good, would rather turn right around the circle.
At 7:40, the car stopped at the empty place beside the road, ready to “burn paper”. As soon as I got out of the car, I was frozen. My face was cut like a knife. The air I breathed out froze when I met the mask, making my nose painful.
Seventy or eighty cars were parked at the roadside, occupying two of the four lanes. Watching this, I think father-in-law at home a little temper is normal. There won’t be so many people when you think about going on your own.
Put the urn away, please. The door of a van beside the road suddenly opened and everyone began to unload. Small paper mobile phone, paper computer, paper ingot; Big have paper villa, paper car. The car was also specially painted with the father-in-law’s favorite land rover logo. In particular, a red paper horse, such as the size of a real horse, the wind from the horse flutter, the wind fell horse hair with snow.
More than 30 minutes, the various ceremonies finished, started the fire. Fire bright sky, this “burning paper” than the south stack a pile of small paper money burning up more momentum, paper house car pony into ashes, hope the father-in-law can live in another world free and unrestrained.
More than 100 relatives and friends joined us to bid farewell to their father-in-law in the cold snap in the northeast.
* & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent * & have spent & have spent *
27 January (Saturday)
After “yuanfen”, my wife and I flew back to Beijing from jiamusi.
For the past month, it has been like running through a nightmare without stopping. Want to wake up from the nightmare, but can not get rid of the fate.
When I got home, my mother-in-law suddenly asked me, “is your father really gone?”
I was stunned for a moment. His father-in-law’s clothes hung on the clothes rack, as if he still had his shadow at home; His voice was in WeChat, as if he were still clamoring to go to Thailand to eat durian again.
But on second thought, I made sure it was time to go.
The daughter, still unable to understand death, shouted, “I want my grandfather to give me chocolate.”
Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Thanks to our relatives, friends, colleagues and leaders who support us in these days!
I’ve been lucky enough to walk with you all my life.

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