How difficult it is for Chinese children in America

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From some time ago, many Chinese believed that America was a paradise for children and a battlefield for young people. Looking at the struggle of Chinese children in the United States, who said that the United States is not the battlefield of Chinese children. In America, Chinese children are different from others. After coming to America, we expect our children to learn and grow together with American children. However, Chinese children are different from American children. From skin to appearance, our children are different from American children. If the child does not say, their in the mind also may not have no feeling. You will find that Chinese children still tend to be with other Chinese children in school, followed by other Asian children. This is fine in cities with more Chinese, but in communities with fewer, adapting to the environment is a challenge in itself. In America, cultural differences are borne by children. Although American culture is highly inclusive, American culture and Chinese culture are not exactly the same after all. Most Chinese children’s parents are adults when they go abroad, and Chinese culture has been deeply rooted in them. They can be hard or soft on American culture, or they can choose between them. But the children are different. Their world view has not been formed yet, but they are caught in the gap between Chinese and American culture. We parents are on one side, and American society on the other side. Some people may say, after coming to the United States, then completely accept the American culture. But you’ll remember former vice presidential candidate Sarah palin, whose daughter was pregnant in high school. Americans may accept such things, but Chinese find it hard to accept them. In America, it is not easy to read books well. Attended A high school graduation ceremony, the whole grade more than 300 graduates, only two classmates seven semesters every subject is “A” (final semester results have not come out). American high school is very flexible, it is easy to pass, but it is not easy to learn well. AP (Advanced Placement) courses in American high schools are basically courses in universities, and many American universities accept these courses as college credits. Chinese children in the United States are generally top students. But behind success comes work and sweat. Many Chinese children have been deprived of sleep for four years in high school, and more children eat lunch in class. It’s nice to meet a friendly teacher. It’s frustrating to meet a teacher who doesn’t want to see students eating in class. After all, they are children. Chinese children are smart, but many American children are not stupid. It takes extra effort to stand out from the competition. In the United States, the leadership of Chinese children is difficult to display. In the United States, elite colleges often emphasize children’s leadership. However, the leadership of student organizations in American schools is elected. Because of the aforementioned racial and cultural differences, Chinese children are at a disadvantage in the election. If you don’t play with most American kids, how can they vote for you in an election? Chinese children can become the President of some clubs, but it is very difficult to become the President of the student union of the whole school. Fortunately, children in the United States have a lot of room for development, so Chinese children can make up for it in other ways. In America, Chinese parents owe their children a lot. Many mothers of American children work at home as stay-at-home mothers or in temporary jobs. After school, they can take their children to various kinds of extracurricular activities. However, most Chinese families are dual-earner. The price of dual-career families is that parents don’t have time to take their children to various extracurricular activities. Chinese parents do not have time to participate in many activities organized by the school. I think this is one of the reasons why Chinese children do well in school. They have no conditions to do more extracurricular activities, and they are unwilling to give up. Their positive attitude is to come back to study well. Although every year many Chinese children are admitted to famous universities in the United States, if they do not go to famous universities, we also have the responsibility to be parents. In the United States, Chinese children are being squeezed in applying to prestigious universities. When we come to the United States, we parents expect our children to go to a famous American school. However, America’s elite colleges have their own hidden rules for enrollment. If you were born in a famous family, like the bush family, your chances of admission will be greatly increased, because you later have money to donate to the school, at the same time, the school also look good on the face, the children of celebrities in our school. If you come from a black or Hispanic background, you will be a priority for admission to elite schools. As a Chinese child, all families attach great importance to education, so the application conditions of Chinese children are very good, famous schools will deliberately improve the admission criteria of Chinese children, thus reducing the proportion of Chinese children in famous schools. If the United States elite schools use the same admission criteria, then the proportion of Chinese children in the United States elite schools will be much higher. Whether in China or the United States, graduating from high school and attending college is the first step in a long journey. There is still a long way to go in life. I hope we can give our children more understanding and respect. Children are the main characters in their lives, and we are their support staff and advisors. Children are expected to choose a major and career they like in the United States. As long as they are happy and their basic livelihood is guaranteed, I am satisfied with most parents.

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