What do rich americans do with their wealth

Click on the top “American insurance” attention we all want to become rich, but wealth is not to bring, bring death. So while many of us are trying to make money, many rich people are worrying about how to distribute their wealth. Over the years, for reasons of work and personal interest, I’ve watched many wealthy americans redistribute their wealth. In contrast to the popular concept of “rich second generation” in China, I would like to give some personal opinions here. Act of kindness — give it away. Although the United States is a money society, but many wealthy americans are willing to their accumulated wealth return society, in various forms to donate. In the long run, many famous private American universities, as well as their namesake buildings and colleges, are imprints of the wealthy giving away their money. In recent years, America’s richest and second richest men, Bill Gates and warren buffett, have decided to give away much of their wealth to the gates foundation for charity. Although many people do not believe that good deeds will be rewarded, I think donating money is a good behavior, which is good for both the society and the family. From the perspective of society, private wealth can be donated to places in urgent need, which is conducive to social development, helps narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and reduces the soil for violence. From a family perspective, great wealth is not necessarily good for the family. Without the pressure of survival, many people will lose the power of struggle, for a long time, is not necessarily a good thing for the family to reproduce. Normal behavior — pass it on to your children. While many wealthy americans give away their money, most also choose to leave it to their children. It is not easy to earn money, who do not want their children can live a better life, to avoid their own business when that bitter. Even Mr. Buffett plans to leave $1 billion to each of his children. Rich americans do it differently from rich Chinese. In the us, many entrepreneurs choose to leave most of their wealth to their most prominent children, rather than divide it equally. Rich americans believe that my property is mine and that I am in charge of the distribution of wealth. If I pass my fortune on to my most prominent child, he or she will inherit my dream, grow my business, and carry on my dream. In contrast, the children of China’s rich are more likely to assume that dad’s wealth is ours, that it will be given to us sooner or later, and that it should be Shared equally. As a result, the United States has many large family businesses that have survived for centuries. It is hard to comment on the social changes experienced by China’s rich. Rational act – separation of money and power. In a normal society, wealth should be created and accumulated in the start-up industry. Many big entrepreneurs can have today, and their past efforts are inseparable, in their past entrepreneurial experience hidden difficulties and hardships. While the children of many entrepreneurs are also exceptional, it is hard to imagine that the children of the rich will continue to struggle and progress as hard as their parents did. First, where does the motivation come from? Secondly, not everyone is willing to eat that bitter. An American boss showed us his grandfather’s car number plate, “168”. He asked us what “168” stood for. Of course, we Chinese all know that “168” equals “one road development”. Of course his grandfather didn’t know what we Chinese mean, he meant that 168 = 24X7, that is, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the boss has to worry about his own business. Of course, rich americans know that their children are not all good managers, so they choose to take their companies public and hire people to run their businesses. Their children run the boards of directors and own the wealth instead of running the businesses. A cautious move — start a foundation. Americans are human beings, and human beings tend to be lazy. Many of us, not do not want to enjoy, but do not have the conditions to enjoy. Ask yourself if you will still be at work the day after tomorrow if you win $5 million in the lottery. Rich people’s children don’t need to work for money, so how to make them work hard is difficult. Buffett once said that the biggest challenge in his job is getting his people to get up and go to work on time every morning when they don’t need to work for money. Wealthy americans are aware of this challenge, of course, so they will choose to set up foundations to control their children’s money, limit the purpose and amount of money they can spend, and reduce their children’s over-reliance on inheritance. Here’s why many wealthy americans choose to give away their money. Interested readers can also refer to my article “Mr. Wang’s land”. Legend has it that someone once advised Lin zexu to save some money for his children. My son is not like me, saving money for anything. That is, if my son can do what I can, he can do something without saving money. If my son doesn’t learn well, then I will make his harm greater by saving money for him. Not many people have the heart of Lin zexu, so many people are willing to sacrifice for their children. But good intentions do not always produce good results. Of course, the distribution of wealth is a worry for the rich, and it should be more realistic for us ordinary people to “teach them to fish, not fish”.

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