College tuition costs are soaring in the United States.

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The biggest fuss on FACEBOOK these days must be over university fees.
On one side, schools kept refresh on notice of the 2017-2018 tuition increase, and on the other side, students beat the drums and beat the gongs in protest. & have spent
— this is an official announcement: 268 universities will raise tuition fees and vote to approve it
The university claimed with glee that the increase in tuition fees would bring in 74 million yuan
(31) on the other side, students angrily took to the streets and shouted
(31) the simultaneous announcement by 10 California universities that they would raise prices by at least 5% provoked student anger
The students asked: is this a public university? This slogan is really a hit
(31) actually, not just California, but other states around the country as well
USA TODAY lists the overall price increases this year
The university of wisconsin-madison simply told the university on its official website that the price hike this year will continue to rise next year, and will continue to rise the year after.
— a love to read not to read, the world has plenty of people to pay the tuition fee
It wasn’t just poor students whining that they couldn’t afford to pay. The mayor of New York tweeted, “I can’t afford to pay for two kids.”
His tweet was met with outrage instead of sympathy: “enough, $220,000 a year, and can’t afford to pay tuition?”
The mayor did the math: his daughter was in high school and she was making $55,000 a year. With an income of $220,000, it’s hard to pay nearly $70,000 for a son who just got into Yale, after high taxes and paying his daughter’s tuition and fees. Both husband and wife are equally depressed.
Not long ago, the American mainstream press released the inflation rate of all kinds of prices
College tuition is at the top of the list, making it the hardest thing for the middle class to bear. Between 2000 and 2014 tuition at America’s public universities soared by an average of 80%, while median household income fell by 7%.
More serious is California, where tuition is up 162% and median income is down 6%
Between falling incomes and soaring tuition fees, higher education has become the most expensive luxury for any American family. Is it ok not to consume this luxury?
The chart — a gory look at the consequences of not going to college
Red is unemployment, green is weekly wages. & have spent The higher the degree, the lower the unemployment rate, and the higher the weekly earnings. At the bottom are the working poor who have never even gone to high school. At the top of the pyramid are the PHDS.
It seems that “only reading is high”, in the United States is no exception.
The supply of high school graduates in the United States has been stable and unable to expand, as the enrollment rate of high school graduates and college students in the United States has been rising and the demand for higher education has been increasing and they all hope to gain a better life through higher education.
In addition, a large number of Chinese students have flooded into the American education market in the past decade, further exacerbating the contradiction between supply and demand. Unbalance of supply and demand, the natural increase in tuition. & have spent
The relationship between tuition and the value of a degree, and between the supply and demand of a degree and its students, is graphically illustrated by the following paragraph:
The company gives you money and expects “please do a good job.”
You give money to the school and expect “please teach me well”;
Generally high wages, high output,
Students in high tuition schools generally have good jobs.
American tuition also basically proved that the better the school, the higher the tuition. & have spent
When families can’t afford these tuition fees, students have to work, so we often see in American TV series that students are working hard, whether it is the children of the President, or the children of ordinary people. But that’s a drop in the bucket.
Because the median American family works full time and makes less than $50,000 a year, how can you send a child to do the dishes and mow the lawn in his spare time to pay for high school? & have spent
So out of 300 million americans, more than 40 million are saddled with student loans.
At the same time, the number and size of student loans have soared in recent years as tuition fees have risen steadily. In the 15 years since 1999, the size of student loans in the United States has increased by more than 500 percent, but the average salary of recent college graduates has declined, by 10 percent since 2000. Under the heavy burden of debt, 7 million of the 40 million people in debt have defaulted on their debts because they could not pay their debts on time.
Even Obama lamented publicly that he and his wife, michelle, had been saddled with high tuition debt for decades, only paying it off at 43 and becoming President at 47.
It can be seen that the tuition fees of American universities are suffering from the high, middle and low classes.
After this year’s price adjustment again, we have always respected the tuition fees of the United States, how is it now?
We checked the official websites of various universities today and found out the following data. There are several schools that have not filled in the data, indicating that the schools have not announced it, or we have not found it on the official websites.
Now take a look at college tuition fees in the United States
After this adjustment, ivy league schools and elite schools are squeezed into the $60,000, $70,000 a year tuition corps.
This means that the annual tuition fee of 500,000 yuan is a must for every family of overseas students.
Harvard’s website says the freshman family should be prepared for $73,600 in tuition and fees. By the end of the year, more than half a million yuan has been spent. & have spent
Is it ok to prepare study abroad charge by such level?
Brown university recommends that families of children who are currently in primary school prepare their tuition fees as follows.
For children in the lower grades of primary school, the tuition fee will be at least $100,000 a year when they study in the United States, which means $400,000 for undergraduate study and at least $700,000 for three years of graduate study.
Even if the exchange rate does not change, it will be 5 million. In fact, the exchange rate is always fluctuating.
It seems that climbing the vine is really a test of the parents of the two printing machine ability.
If you want to study abroad, are you ready for 5 million yuan?
The 2018-2019 ranking of U.S. universities by tuition and price increases
According to US News, tuition at the top 100 universities has risen by an average of 3.6 per cent, and at some more than 10 per cent. In 2017-18, there will be 286 American universities with skyrocketing tuition fees! The increase will benefit the university by 74 million yuan.
Tuition comparison for 2017-2018 at American comprehensive university
[ranked by 2018 tuition fees from high to low]
Us TOP10 tuition increases in absolute terms
(ranked from high to low by fee increase) 9
The TOP10 percent increase in tuition fees in the United States
(ranked from highest to lowest by percentage increase)
The cost of studying abroad is rising, the number of applicants is increasing year by year, while the admission rate is decreasing year by year. Business Insider has a message for students and parents: if you’re going to college, get ready, because it’s going to cost more than ever.

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