Why do investors choose us insurance products?

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In addition to the protection and investment in the traditional sense, it pursues the special effects of tax avoidance and risk aversion of overseas insurance. With the help of overseas insurance products, it conducts family trust and inheritance trust arrangement to achieve the purpose of reasonable asset allocation.
and among many choices, why do investors choose American insurance products? The reasons are mainly analyzed from the external and internal aspects: from the external perspective, the reasons are divided into two parts: first, from the macro perspective, with the gradual slowdown of China’s economic growth, some entrepreneurs feel the pressure of self-operation growth and turn to invest in the financial capital market. Recently, no matter the stock market or the bond market, due to the major central Banks’ adjustment of monetary policy, there are concerns about the unclear market trend. For those investors who previously invested in Hong Kong policies, Hong Kong is located in the greater China region, and its economic degree is highly related to the mainland. Therefore, it can not only play the role of diversification of investment and risk reduction, but also solve the problem of fund security by purchasing investment policies in the United States with part of the funds instead. Second, although the Hong Kong market has a wide variety of investment policies, and investment scale and forms with the United States is roughly same, but based on the federal reserve’s monetary policy (normalizing) and other developed countries the central bank (in addition to the bank of England are in using the loose monetary policy and deeper stage) in the differentiation of the monetary policy is in full swing, “$” the King (King Dollar) or long-term Dollar continued to be strong is the core idea of the market. Therefore, the investment in us dollar assets has stronger security and growth. From the internal analysis, which is itself to investors: more and more mainland investors to the purchase of real estate, such as housing in the United States and the United States more than $60000 in tax department regulations heritage part will charge 40% of the inheritance tax, investment of insurance can then provide investors with cash, to pay for this part of the tax; Moreover, different from savings, insurance products do not have interest tax, and many permanent insurance have the function of savings, accumulated over time after the insurance cash value is also very considerable. & have spent In addition, the repayment amount of life insurance policies is not subject to the limitation of debt recovery lawsuits, and mainland investors are able to obtain corresponding protection in case of major personal or business accidents.

investment insurance in the United States is mainly divided into the following three categories: I want to buy a Whole Life insurance policy. The insurance is valid until the death of the insured. In general, all life insurance policies in the United States will pay dividends. That is, after you pay the premium, the insurance company puts the rest into a savings account for conservative investments (such as bonds). Insurers pay regular or no dividends based on earnings. Low & have spent Universal Life. Very similar to life insurance, both are life insurance, and the premium will be invested in another investment account after paying the insurance cost. The distinction of both depends on, the byelaw of all-purpose life insurance is more agile, capture expends more freedom. Policy-holder can choose the insurance cost specified number that capture pays autonomously, and capture pays deadline to wait. Also, if the return on investment from a separate account is too low, policyholders can choose to use the funds from the investment account to pay the premiums. Low & have spent Indexed Universal Life (investment type Life insurance) The principle is similar to that of universal life insurance. The key difference is that investment life insurance generally tracks financial markets with high risks, such as S&amp. P500 or the emerging market index, or a combination of the two. And according to different insurance clauses, policy-holder can choose whether accrual caps/guarantees bottom, or both takes one. Low & have spent The separate account of Variable Universal life (VUL) will allow customers to invest in different funds within the scope of funds provided by insurance companies, so as to obtain the corresponding return on investment. Generally, there is no top limit, but there is no bottom guarantee. So if the cash account loses too much in the financial market, the insured person’s insurance account will lose money and the insured person needs to add more cash to maintain the validity of the insurance. Indexed Universal Life (IUL), as the name implies, is to track various stock market indexes. Its main selling point is that separate accounts, which typically have a maximum return of around 13 per cent, also have a guaranteed yield of 1-2 per cent. So many people will think Index Life is a guaranteed investment insurance, at least it won’t lose money. But actually as a result of insurance cost can increase as the growth of insurant age and growth, if have 1-2% only so keep bottom gain, still can cause the loss of the account, need policy-holder adds cash ability to maintain insurance to continue to be effective. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of American investment insurance: The advantages and disadvantages of whole life insurance are clear at a glance. “whole life” is both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, whole life insurance is a lifelong guarantee, which is not like “term life insurance”. But at the same time, as the insured age, the cost of insurance becomes very high, resulting in high premiums. And retreat protect can produce corresponding retreat protect cost, so policy-holder needs to be careful. Low & have spent The disadvantage of universal insurance is that its income is generally linked to the interest rate market, which leads to the low return on investment of universal life insurance under the current environment of low interest rate, which also makes the policyholder may need to invest higher premium to pay the insurance cost, so as to maintain the effectiveness of insurance. Low & have spent Like universal insurance, investment life insurance has the possibility that the rate of return on investment is too low and the policyholder needs to invest higher premium to maintain the validity of the insurance. The buying process of American life insurance: buy insurance in the United States as foreigner, need holds the guarantee slip of American insurance product through insurance trust, the holder of this guarantee slip and beneficiary beneficiary are insurance trust, undertake accrual allocation by insurance trust again finally. 1. To buy us insurance, you first need to have a us bank account. To set up an insurance trust, you must work with an American lawyer. This requires investors to fully communicate with lawyers before purchasing insurance, especially to clarify core issues such as what purpose should be achieved and how to distribute the policy proceeds, so as not to affect the subsequent process. 3. After completing the insurance trust, you can get a us tax number, and then you’d better go to the us consulate in China for notarization. 4. In addition, investors need to submit physical examination reports, financial certificates and other documents. 5. According to relevant regulations, basically all insurance policies in the United States can only be legally effective if they are signed in the United States. Currently, only a few insurance companies have been authorized to complete the policies in different places. 6. Currently, when purchasing American insurance and other products, it is generally required that the insurance amount of a single policy should be more than 1 million us dollars, that is, the annual premium should be more than 20,000 us dollars, which is more suitable for middle – and high-income groups. Risk of investment insurance: & NBSP; Investment risk. Many types of insurance investment do not guarantee the capital, nor does it guarantee the income, the loss of investment to be borne by the customer himself, and to pay the premium on time to ensure the effectiveness of insurance. Low & have spent Exchange rate risk. No us or Hong Kong insurance can be settled directly in RMB, which needs to be converted into us dollars or Hong Kong dollars or the currency allowed in the insurance terms. If the RMB appreciates, this means that the annual yield of the policy settled in us dollars or Hong Kong dollars will decrease accordingly.

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